Event publish and subscribe example


Example of event publish and subscribe

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// C# non-generic version
public delegate void EventHandler(Object sender,EventArgs e)

// C# 2.0:  Generic version
public delegate void EventHandler<TEventArgs>(Object sender, TEventArgs e)

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The evolution of delegate creation from C# 1.0 to C# 3.0



In C# 1.0, you created an instance of a delegate by explicitly initializing it with a method that was defined elsewhere in the code. C# 2.0 introduced the concept of anonymous methods as a way to write unnamed inline statement blocks that can be executed in a delegate invocation. C# 3.0 introduced lambda expressions, which are similar in concept to anonymous methods but more expressive and concise.

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IEnumerable vs. IQueryable


Below lists the differences between them based on their properties :

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